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Walking, Qigong, Meditation, and Travel Experience in Switzerland

Walking, Qigong, Meditation, and Travel Experience in Switzerland

Imagine traveling light and stress free through the beautiful Alps and Cities of Switzerland!

Jackalene A. Orser and Antoinette Rohner Laurence are excited to announce this opportunity to travel to Switzerland and Austria!

We designed a journey to Switzerland which will fill your heart with joy! Every morning you will wake up in a lovely place, beginning with a delicious Swiss wholesome breakfast buffet. Following breakfast a Qigong practice will be taught by Antoinette as well as a spiritual tools-meditation practice shared by Jackalene to nourish the body, mind, and spirit. This practice sets the tone for and ensures a wonderful and harmonious flowing day for all participants.

About your Tour Guides

About your Tour Guides

Jackalene Orser

I have been co leading workshops and retreats with Antoinette for 12 years. As a facilitator of A Course in Miracles, student of Qi Gong and a minister without walls. It has been a blend of Antoinette’s gentle presence an the strength of her strong intention to help, serve and teach Truth via Qi Gong and healing hands and my desire to serve and facilitate personal growth via mediation and classes that expand our awareness of our authentic selves. I also bring my abilities to coordinate actives and time management from years of another life! The two of us combine talents creating one goal-, to live life fully with, love laughter and mindfulness.

As a team leader on the adventure of The Swiss Harmony Express, I will facilitate some of the meditations guided or silent, and share readings that support our experience while traveling in a new way! Our eyes open to seeing these beautiful places with awareness and connection. Meeting and greeting the people, we encounter with open hearts and minds. Switzerland and Austria offer us the opportunity of a lifetime to travel with our native Swiss Miss Antoinette. Her knowledge of languages, culture, travel by train and places off the beaten path to see is an win-win situation for all of us, and I do not know how one could place a financial value on those assets alone.

Antoinette Rohner Laurence

It is a heartfelt desire to bring people to my beloved Switzerland! I was born and raised in Switzerland. I revisit my native country every year to reconnect with all the familiar traditions of the Swiss Alps and nature, the villages, the cities, and to spend time with my family and friends. My intention is to share with you my favorite places in Switzerland, some parts of Switzerland that are well known by the international tourism community and some places that are off the beaten path.

As a world traveler, standing at least once on every continent, I understand what traveling in a foreign country is all about. The most essential ingredient as a tourist is to cultivate an open heart, patience, kindness, and a flexible and open mind. My role in this journey through Switzerland, is to be your “way shower” and to help you cultivate an open heart, a peaceful mind, and maintain a strong and relaxed body using gentle Qigong practices. You benefit externally and internally cultivating harmony and consciousness.




Leaving at your International Home Airport


Arriving the next day in Zurich Airport by your own independent air arrangements. A 5 pm train from the airport will take us via Lucerne to Kussnacht am Rigi where we will be picked up by Hotel Zum-Hirschen’s van driver.Dinner and Orientation at Hotel Zum-Hirschen


A delicious breakfast at our Hotel. After breakfast a Qigong and Meditation practice is offered to help us acclimate to a new time zone and geographical location.

In the morning we will take a walk through the beautiful Kuessnacht am Rigi village and along the lake of Lucerne’s shore with inviting benches and peace invoking views. A visit to the local’s Museum will tell us about the historical events of this area in Switzerland. At the locals’ Supermarket “Coop” we will fill up our day backpacks with sandwich items and snacks for the day.

At noontime we will take either the boat or the train to the City of Lucerne. A fascinating walk will lead us to the over 600 year old Kappel bridge  and into the heart of the medieval city and to the heart-moving Lion-Monument built in the memory of Louis XVI’s Swiss Guard. We will conclude our day in Lucerne with an organic dinner at a locals’ eatery where Chef Simon will entertain you with an assortment of delicious dishes.


Strengthening ourselves with a delicious wholesome breakfast at Hotel Zum Hirschen and a Qigong Mediation practice for an other wonderful experience.With our backpacks filled with a sandwich and water and a raincoat we will take the regular train to Goldau and change to the private mountain train up to the mountain Rigi (short form of “Regina” the queen of the mountains. Already the Celts had their sacred places on this mountain. At 1315 meter altitude we will enjoy an easy hike along alpine meadows and natural creeks with an amazing mountain panorama. We will have a nice tea or coffee break at the Hotel Rigi Klosterli on the sun terrace.

Back at our Hotel Zum Hirschen it’s time for resting and relaxation! A highly recommended small or big Dining experience is the lovely and romantic Garden Restaurant Seehof right in front of the lake in Kussnacht am Rigi.

A calming meditation and Qigong practice will prepare us perfectly for a good night sleep and our hotel transition and travel experience the next day!


Today we are leaving our Hotel Zum Hirschen which we will return to again at the end of our Swiss Journey. After our nourishing breakfast and Qigong/Meditation practice we will be on our way to our next destination: Brulisau, Appenzell. A comfortable and enjoyable train ride will transport us into this most unique and traditional Swiss province!

We will check in at our Hotel Krone where a wholesome dinner will be served. Enjoy the Hotel’s Wellness offerings: Sauna, Outdoor Jukkuzi, Shower-Experience, Laying and Resting Room


An awakening in an other beautiful place! Beginning our day with a wholesome breakfast and a harmonizing body, mind and spirit practice. After a morning walk in the natural surrounding area we will go to the City of Appenzell exploring life, art, culture, and history of this uniquely beautiful area!

We will also experience a fascinating demonstration of how the famous Appenzell cheese is made at the nearby Appenzell Cheese factory and showroom. We will be back again at our hotel to enjoy the wellness services or your own unique way of resting before Chef Gemperle is serving us a delicious dinner.


A cable car ride will comfortably whisk us to the Eben-Alp where a short hike will lead us to the three caves where once prehistoric people lived. Today there is a mountain restaurant and an altar a the Wildkirchli (Little Wild Church) Caves. A tea, coffee, or a cold refreshing drink in this Swiss-cozy Restaurant is our treat! Experience the beautiful Alpine meadows and amazing views.

Back at our Hotel Krone take your time to rest, using the Wellness facility or do whatever your heart desires before the dinner bells ring!


Today we are leaving the Appenzell province. A scenic train ride adventure will take us to the mountainous province of Graubunden, where we will hear sometimes the 4th. Swiss language: Romanish. After arrival at the train station in St. Moritz a 15 Minutes bus ride will bring us to the tranquil Maria Sils village where we will check into the the organic Hotel: Pensiun Chesa Pool.


Starting our day with a delicious organic breakfast. The beautiful and tranquil environment invites us for a gentle morning walk and a Qigong practice near a running stream or by the lake. For our afternoon we will go by boat or bus (“Postauto”) to the nearby Mountain Resort of St. Moritz.


An other wonderful day starting with a healthy breakfast at Pensiun Chesa Pool. A Qigong practice that will warm us up and stimulate our energy and blood circulation will prepare us for a nice and gentle hiking day! There are many hiking paths with amazing trails and views in this area! We will choose the one that is most appropriate for our travel group. We will give you the unique Swiss hiking experience: A  gentle hike to a mountain restaurant! On our hiking path we may just witness an Alp farmer’s real life!



Your most spectacular Journey from St. Moritz to Zermatt on the Swiss Glacier Express is just about starting! An 8-hour railway journey taking you over 291 bridges, through 91 tunnels and across the Oberalp Pass at 2,033 metres above sea level. Marvel at magnificent Alpine lakes and pristine glaciers en route to the unique resort of Zermatt, dominated by the Matterhorn!

At the train station in Zermatt we will be picked up by Romantik Hotel Julen’s van driver.

After settling in our hotel rooms we can use the amazing spa facility with a beautiful swimming pool before we enjoy a five-course evening meal at the Restaurant of Romantik Hotel Julen.


We are starting our first morning in Zermatt with a wholesome Swiss breakfast buffet!

A most pleasant stroll from our Hotel through the famous car-free Matterhorn village will be your favorite morning activity and unforgettable experience!

In the afternoon we invite you to do

a gentle hike called “Easy Forest Walk”. “This is a lovely easy promenade just above Zermatt featuring nice views to the Matterhorn. It features a generous flat section through beautiful forest and there exists many park style benches for lingering in the sun! Time required: About 1 hour total (15-20 minutes uphill at start /15 – 20 minutes flat traverse / 15 – 20 minutes downhill)” (The Walking Guide)


After a strengthening breakfast and Meditation practice we will lead you on a popular and modest hike in Zermatt called: “Zermatt to Zmutt”.

“A well prepared path leads uphill through scattered forests and summer pastures to a beautiful and ancient mountain hamlet. Three pleasant mountain Restaurants invite us to break the walk in Zmutt. This walk features almost constant views to the Matterhorn and is justifiably popular – in every season. Time required: About 2 hours of walking (70 minutes uphill at start / 50 minutes downhill)” (The Walking Guide)

A five course dinner at Hotel Julen will nourish us well after a day of fresh Matterhorn air and hiking. – An evening Meditation and calming Qigong practice is offered focused on a harmonious process of leaving the next morning and traveling by train to our last destination.


Our sacred journey cycle concludes as we return on train from Zermatt to our starting location, Kussnacht am Rigi. After settling in our familiar Hotel Zum-Hirschen a lovely walk along the lake and then to Restaurant Engel (Angel) where the famous writer Goethe once enjoyed a night and a meal. A dinner in this Restaurant is a delicious and astatic experience! They also have a vegetarian menu.


A last high-light of our sacred journey is the visit to the Benedictine Monastery with Black Madonna in Einsiedeln! About a 40 minute scenic train ride (“Sud-Ost Bahn” South-East Train) will take us to the unique small city of Einsiedeln.  Pilgrims and tourists have been visiting the monastery of Einsiedeln for over 1000 years. The monastery lies in the midst of a breathtaking landscape with a deep blue lake and jagged mountain tops. Here we will enjoy first an easy walk which will lead us first through the monastery grounds to a hill top with benches and beautiful views. We will visit the chapel of the Black Madonna which is within the big church. Here the loving vibration can be deeply experienced by all people from any cultural or religious backgrounds!

A little history and information about the monastery in Einsiedeln:

“The monastery of Einsiedeln was built as a Baroque edifice with four inner courtyards in the 18th century. Before that time Romanesque and Gothic buildings defined the monastery, which was founded by the Benedictine monk Meinrad in the year 835. The Mercy Chapel (Gnadenkapelle), made of black marble, is located in the monastery’s church, under a dome with frescoes. The famous Black Madonna dating to the 15th century is found in that chapel.”

“The monastery complex includes not only the living space for the monks but also a diocese school, ten workshops, a wine cellar for the monastery’s own wine and stables for the monastery’s own breed of horses. By means of concerts, guided tours, and public masses, the Benedictine monks allow everyone to take part in their lives and discover what is probably Switzerland’s most impressive monastery complex.”

A Dinner at the Farm of Lisbeth and Sepp Dober in Kuessnacht with a “Yodel Harmony” performance by Lisbeth and Bernadette will be a perfect and joyous conclusion of our Swiss-Harmony-Travel time!


Conclusion of tour. Your Swiss Rail Pass will give your last ride on train back to Zurich / Airport, from where you can continue your independent travels or return to your home destination.

The Swiss tour activities are subject to change and not all activities have to be joined by the individual participants. We always encourage you to listen to the voice of your own heart and body!

Hotel Reservation Information

Hotel Reservation Information

-The individual participants are responsible to contact the hotels, select the preferred room, and make the payment. English is spoken!


– Best time to reserve by phone: Monday – Friday / 8 am – 9 am (Pacific Time) or e-mail the individual hotels after looking at their room price page on their website. ENGLISH IS SPOKEN!

– CONTACT US FOR THE GROUP NAME before you connect with hotels. Give each individual hotel our group name to get the group discount. We will be happy to assist you in the Hotel Reservation Process!


1) Hotel Zum Hirschen, Kussnacht am Rigi, Lucerne
Phone: 011 41 41 854 33 33

Price includes breakfast.

2) Hotel Krone, Brulisau, Appenzell
Phone: 011 41 71 799 11 05

Price includes Breakfast, Dinner, and Spa Facility

3) Pensiun Chesa Pool, Sils Maria, St. Moritz
Phone: 011 41 81 838 59 00

Price includes Breakfast, Dinner, and Spa facility

4) Hotel Romantik, Zermatt
Phone: 011 41 27 966 76 00

Price includes, Breakfast, Dinner, and Spa Facility


Approximate Total Spending on Swiss Tour 2012

Approximate Total Spending on Swiss Tour 2012

– Air Fare: starting at approx. $1000

– Hotel Rooms starting at: $1794 (Double) / $1930 (Single)

– Train Cost: $481

– Additional personal spending per day: approx. $100 / for 13 days: $1300 (incl. Lunch/ Snacks /Private Cable Car & Mountain trains etc./ Museums)

– Facilitator Fee: $1200

Starting at: $5775 (double) / $5911 (single)

Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints

Bring passports (No visas required to travel to Switzerland), binoculars, rain gear, hiking boots, walking poles, layer clothing, warm coat, hats for sun and warmth, bathing suit, empty picture chip for camera.

Best way to travel: One suitcase you can handle and a light daytime backpack.

You will need adapter plugs for plugging into foreign wall sockets and a voltage converter.

Switzerland is 9 hours ahead.