About your Tour Guides

About your Tour Guides

Jackalene Orser

I have been co leading workshops and retreats with Antoinette for 12 years. As a facilitator of A Course in Miracles, student of Qi Gong and a minister without walls. It has been a blend of Antoinette’s gentle presence an the strength of her strong intention to help, serve and teach Truth via Qi Gong and healing hands and my desire to serve and facilitate personal growth via mediation and classes that expand our awareness of our authentic selves. I also bring my abilities to coordinate actives and time management from years of another life! The two of us combine talents creating one goal-, to live life fully with, love laughter and mindfulness.

As a team leader on the adventure of The Swiss Harmony Express, I will facilitate some of the meditations guided or silent, and share readings that support our experience while traveling in a new way! Our eyes open to seeing these beautiful places with awareness and connection. Meeting and greeting the people, we encounter with open hearts and minds. Switzerland and Austria offer us the opportunity of a lifetime to travel with our native Swiss Miss Antoinette. Her knowledge of languages, culture, travel by train and places off the beaten path to see is an win-win situation for all of us, and I do not know how one could place a financial value on those assets alone.

Antoinette Rohner Laurence

It is a heartfelt desire to bring people to my beloved Switzerland! I was born and raised in Switzerland. I revisit my native country every year to reconnect with all the familiar traditions of the Swiss Alps and nature, the villages, the cities, and to spend time with my family and friends. My intention is to share with you my favorite places in Switzerland, some parts of Switzerland that are well known by the international tourism community and some places that are off the beaten path.

As a world traveler, standing at least once on every continent, I understand what traveling in a foreign country is all about. The most essential ingredient as a tourist is to cultivate an open heart, patience, kindness, and a flexible and open mind. My role in this journey through Switzerland, is to be your “way shower” and to help you cultivate an open heart, a peaceful mind, and maintain a strong and relaxed body using gentle Qigong practices. You benefit externally and internally cultivating harmony and consciousness.

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